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Writing a New Era Chapter with unremitting struggle - Exhibition of the Five Year Work Achievements of the Labor Union Federation of Yangqu Industrial Park Service Center in Shanxi Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone

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Wang Zhenfeng, member of the Central Party Committee and Deputy Director (first from the right), and his delegation conducted in-depth research on non-public party building, trade union construction, and safety production work in enterprises in the park

Grassroots activities under the law in 2023

The union leader went to the park to promote the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Federation of Trade Unions in enterprises

Logistics Service Engineer Skills Competition

Housheng Company launches the "Technology Leading, Unlimited Ability" Skill Competition


Silian Heavy Industry New Era "Employee Home" Activity Center

Silian Heavy Industry New Era "Employee Home" Activity Center 2023 "Summer Cooling" Activity

In 2023, the labor union in the park will carry out the "Caring for Environmental Sanitation Workers and Sending Warmth in Late Autumn" activity



Trade unions are mass organizations of the working class led by the Party, as well as political organizations.

The Yangqu Industrial Park Service Center Trade Union Federation (hereinafter referred to as the Park Trade Union) has always adhered to the leadership of the Party, steadfastly followed the development path of socialist trade unions with Chinese characteristics, always placed trade union work in the overall work of the Party and the state to understand and grasp, focused on enhancing "four consciousnesses", strengthening "four confidences", and achieving "two safeguards", and conscientiously implemented the spirit of the Fourth and Fifth Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China; Seriously study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China;   A "worker's home" where rights protection is in place, work is active, the role is obvious, and employees trust. In the past 5 years, the park has won 129 national, provincial, municipal, and comprehensive reform zone honors, including "National Model Worker Home", "National March 8th Red Flag Collective", "National Worker Pioneer", "Shanxi Province Model Unit", and "Taiyuan City Model Unit".

Strengthening theoretical armament to ensure ideological orientation

The park trade union adheres to the comprehensive leadership of the Party over the trade union, completes fundamental basic work, and carries out various activities of theoretical learning and direction guidance. The cadre team is an important organizational guarantee for doing well in the work of trade unions in the new era. The labor union in the park has improved its learning system, adhered to leadership leadership leadership, and carried out in-depth learning and training on "New Era Thought". Over the past 5 years, the labor union in the park has held over 20 specialized training courses on union cadre education, with over 300 participants. A large number of union cadres with firm ideals and beliefs, sharp thinking, and conscious actions have become pioneers in theory and practice; We have formed a combat team and a work team to implement the will and propositions of the Party among the vast number of workers, rally people's hearts at the grassroots level, hold our posts, and charge forward. Hao Guansheng, the chairman of the labor union of Taiyuan Silian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., a park enterprise, introduced that the leadership of Silian Heavy Industry attaches great importance to labor union work. With the care and support of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, and the park trade union, it has been awarded the national "Model Worker Home" title and has become a model base for the "New Era Worker Demonstration Home" created by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions. Pay attention to using Party building to lead industrial construction and promoting Party building through industrial construction. In October 2023, the labor union and party branch of Taiyuan Silian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. organized party members to carry out various activities at the Red Education Base in Shanghai, including the site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and brought back educational souvenirs for display in the company, benefiting every employee and inspiring their fighting spirit to continue striving and striving for self-improvement.

The labor union in the park will deepen the theme education of "Chinese Dream Labor Beauty" and integrate ideological and political work into activities. In 2021, the labor union in the park actively organized employees to actively participate in various activities celebrating the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. More than 100 employees were organized to participate in the singing competition for the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China by the Comprehensive Reform Zone Federation of Trade Unions and Taiyuan City Federation of Trade Unions (all won gold medals), and the entire district's employees and district affiliated organizations were organized
The enterprise participated in the "Always Follow the Party" photography, calligraphy and painting exhibition held in the Comprehensive Reform Zone (22 pieces of works were submitted), and organized 13 employees to participate in the "Always Follow the Party" employee table tennis competition held in the demonstration zone to "celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC" (winning the "Excellent Organization Award"). From the end of August to early September 2022, the labor union in the park organized more than ten "Innovative Theory Lectures of the Party of 100 Model Workers and Craftsmen in Taiyuan City to the Grassroots" activities, moving the "big learning" classroom to the factory workshop and frontline forefront. A series of activities have enhanced the political, ideological, and emotional recognition of the basic theory, line, and strategy of the Party among the vast number of workers, and have further strengthened their belief in listening to and following the Party.
Make the service brand project more practical and prominent

Safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees is the basic responsibility of trade unions. The labor union in the park has innovative ways to protect their rights in accordance with the law. It always keeps in mind the fundamental direction of who it represents, who it contacts, and who it serves. It fulfills its duties in accordance with the law, focuses its work on the vast number of employees, adheres to the principle that the interests of employees are not trivial, and focuses on safeguarding labor and economic rights and interests. It deeply understands the needs and urgent needs of employees and uses legal thinking and methods to carry out rights protection work. Years of accumulated wisdom and effective operation have received high praise from the Legal Department of the All China Federation of Trade Unions. "Five integrations" protect rights and interests. The park trade union integrates five aspects: wage collective negotiation, collective contract, labor contract, women's rights and interests, and labor protection responsibility system, and supervises grassroots trade unions to sign administrative contracts with their affiliated units, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. Promote legal education at the grassroots level. The park trade union actively participates in various legal service activities organized by the higher-level trade union, and has carried out 18 activities in the past 5 years, distributing more than 4000 materials. There is a battlefield for legal aid. The labor union in the park has established a legal service center to provide free legal consultation services to all employees in the district, serving more than 450 people in total. Female workers are a special group, and protecting their rights and caring for them requires specific and effective actions and guarantees for implementation. The labor union in the park conscientiously implements the Labor Protection Regulations for Female Employees in Shanxi Province, and conducts in-depth activities. Among them, the "Special Disease Insurance for Female Employees" has benefited more than 1600 female employees; We have continued to carry out activities such as "caring for employees, safeguarding their rights and interests, safeguarding their health, and assisting in transformation", and have screened more than 1000 female employees for "two cancers". The labor union in the park has established 6 provincial-level "mommy cabins", among which the "mommy cabins" at Dongke Station are demonstration points of the provincial and municipal governments, building a warm harbor for pregnant and lactating female workers.

Over the past five years, the labor union in the park has continuously carried out various heartwarming assistance projects, effectively bringing the care of the Party and government, as well as the warmth of the labor union organization, to the hearts of the majority of workers. On New Year's Day and Spring Festival, the labor union in the park carried out activities such as "sending warmth, benefiting people's livelihoods, and warming the hearts of the people", visiting and comforting disadvantaged workers, model workers, and new forms of employment workers, and more than 6040 people visited and comforted them; Always adhere to the "winter warmth and summer coolness" campaign, to send care to frontline workers such as medical staff, traffic police, and sanitation workers; The psychological counseling base established is the "Shanxi Province Employee Psychological Counseling Demonstration Base", which effectively eliminates the ideological pressure on the life and work of park employees. More than 2600 employees (more than 1700 female employees) have received psychological counseling and health first aid training. The labor union in the park actively carried out the "Let You Go Home" caring action heartwarming project, and built four "driver love stations" and one "heartwarming service station" for the "eight major" groups such as truck drivers and couriers. The "Union Warm Service Station" at Taiyuan Bus East Station is a typical representative work created by the park's labor union in the autumn of 2020, in accordance with the requirements of the "Implementation Opinions of Taiyuan City Federation of Trade Unions on Promoting the Construction of the" Union Warm Service Station ", combined with the actual situation of dense passenger traffic and wide radiation at the East Station. The 45 square meter" mommy cabin "is equipped with a nursing room, mother and baby rest room, small reading room, and children's play room, There is also an open and heartwarming reading area of 280 square meters, a multifunctional reading room of 78 square meters in the south square outside the hall, and an emergency service area. At the same time, a "Union Love Car Shed" is specially built in the parking lot to store electric vehicles for daily commuters. The union's heartwarming service station has benefited tens of thousands of people.
In order to further improve the work mechanism of assistance, the trade union in the park carried out the "Internet plus" model, established an information database for employees in difficulty, and strived to achieve no omission and precise assistance. The labor union in the park has distributed more than 100000 yuan in assistance funds, helping 56 people lift themselves out of poverty and overcome difficulties; Organized the collection of 18 mutual aid funds for medical mutual aid projects for employees in Taiyuan City, benefiting 905 people; Conduct condolence performances, free clinics, and warehouse sales activities in workshops, factories, communities, construction sites, and logistics enterprises. The solid and effective work of the labor union in the park makes the workers truly feel that the labor union is the "home of workers", and the union cadres are the most reliable "family members".

The welfare and colorful life of employees and the masses
The organization and development of cultural activities among employees is an important component of China's spiritual civilization construction. The labor union in the park is keeping up with the pace of the times in enriching the cultural construction of employees, constantly innovating from content to form, with distinctive characteristics and colorful achievements.
Traditional outward oriented cultural activities, with a focus on enhancing their skills and fun. Fixed and regular employee cultural activities, such as major festivals and traditional festivals, should be carefully selected as carriers, finely crafted, healthy and upward, and fully participated by all staff. The labor union in the park provides 15 compulsory tutoring stations and multiple square activity spaces for orchestral music, gourd silk, table tennis, fitness dance, pottery flute, bamboo flute, bridge, yoga, calligraphy, etc., and organizes more than 30 cultural and sports activities; Created a series of high-quality public welfare projects with frequent highlights. In 2019, the labor union of the park participated in the national "National Charm Culture and Talent" exhibition organized by seven national level units, including the All China Federation of Trade Unions and the All China Women's Federation, and won the runner up.
New media internal training cultural activities, with in-depth exploration of ideological and intellectual aspects. The labor union in the park plays a promotional role as a "staff bookstore" and an internet platform. The "staff bookstore" of the park has a collection of more than 8000 books, equipped with more than 15000 books and more than 1200 related facilities for grassroots labor unions. Among them, Taiyuan Silian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.'s "Employee Bookstore" has been awarded the national level "Employee Bookstore" convenient reading point, and Shanxi Transformation Industrial Park Group Co., Ltd.'s "Employee Bookstore" has been rated as a "Comprehensive Reform Zone Employee Bookstore" demonstration point. The park trade union participated in the hosting of the 6th "Chinese Dream Labor Beauty" National Micro Film and Television Competition held by the All China Federation of Trade Unions. They successively filmed inspirational micro films such as "My Road", "Delivery Guy", special films "Let You Go Home", and MV "The Most Beautiful Labor". At the 5th and 6th "Chinese Dream Labor Beauty" Micro Film and Television Competition held by the All China Federation of Trade Unions, they won the gold award for feature films and special films MV Silver Award and Outstanding Organization Award, among other awards.

Reform, development, seeking talents, and making contributions on the front line
Yangqu Industrial Park is an important driving force for achieving the transformation and high-quality development of the comprehensive renovation zone, with over 3000 enterprises entering the park. To strengthen the real economy, a large number of skilled talents are needed. The park trade union closely revolves around the economic construction center of the park, establishes new development concepts, promotes high-quality development, vigorously promotes the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship spirit, and organizes and leads the masses of workers to make contributions to achieving development goals.
Organizing labor and skills competitions is a traditional advantage of trade unions. The labor union in the park provides practical recruitment, practical work, and innovation, guiding employees to carry out various competition activities with the theme of "being a good owner and making contributions to the new era", and improving the overall quality of the workforce. Under the stimulation of a good atmosphere, all settled enterprises in the park actively participate and contribute their wisdom and strength. Shanxi Housheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise introduced by the park in the field of lithium battery materials. It specializes in the production and research and development of various specifications of wet base membranes and functional coated membranes, with professional personnel accounting for 35%. It is a typical high-tech talent intensive enterprise. The park trade union closely monitors its development and actively helps establish a trade union. In May 2022, the company established and improved its labor union organization before production. Subsequently, led by the company's labor union, a work promotion group for the industrial worker team was established, with senior executives serving as the team leader. The team continuously improved its skills through training, training, competition, and promotion, entering the "green channel" of high-quality development. In May 2023, the company's labor union and production department jointly held the "Technology Leading Unlimited Ability" competition. The company's personnel management philosophy of "allowing capable individuals to have a place and carefree employees" has greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of employees, with enthusiastic registration and intense competition. Every outstanding expert may become a "figure" through mechanisms, enabling frontline workers at the grassroots level to become the main force of enterprise innovation and development.

The series of activities of the park trade union have stimulated the spirit of ownership among the vast number of workers and cultivated and shaped a large number of advanced models. Over the past 5 years, the park has trained a total of 8 model workers in Shanxi Province and 6 recipients of the Provincial May Day Labor Medal; 11 model workers and 6 recipients of the May Day Labor Medal in Taiyuan City; There are 6 craftsmen in Jinyang, and 12 worker pioneers. 10 innovative achievements won awards in the provincial and municipal employee "Five Small" position innovation competition, and 61 innovative achievements won awards in the comprehensive reform zone employee "Five Small" position innovation competition. There are 20 innovative studios, including 1 at the provincial level and 5 at the municipal level. The labor union in the park has won the Excellent Organization Award for the Provincial and Municipal "Five Small" Competition Activities.
New Era, New Pattern, New Business Model, New Requirements
The organizational work of trade unions is a fundamental task of their own construction and an important guarantee for trade unions to carry out various tasks.   Always regard strengthening the construction of grassroots trade union organizations as a key task, adhere to deepening grassroots cultivation, and form a new pattern of grassroots trade union organization construction led by the Party Committee, supported by the park, led by trade unions, with employee participation and social coordination. The current organizational form, industrial structure, and employment form of enterprises have shown new characteristics, and new business models represented by platform economy are flourishing. Migrant workers have become an important component of industrial workers. The park trade union conforms to the requirements of the times, consolidates existing organizations, and pays close attention to key groups such as new forms of employment workers and migrant workers, actively expanding the coverage of trade union work. In 2020, the park trade union conducted a survey of over 2000 units in the entire district and helped all eligible units establish trade unions. Over the past 5 years, the park has established more than 500 grassroots trade unions, with an increase of 21401 union members, ensuring that wherever there are masses, there are trade union organizations. The special campaign for the construction of grassroots trade union organizations in the entire region has been a complete success.

In order to focus on improving the service capacity and level of trade union organizations, and to truly build, transform, and revitalize grassroots trade unions, the park's trade unions have deeply explored the deep integration of trade unions, service stations, and the construction of "worker homes". The integration of new business forms, such as "meeting stations and homes," has set a benchmark within Taiyuan City and called out the "Dragon City". Provincial and municipal level trade unions have held multiple observation meetings in the park. Shanxi Suihua Logistics Park Co., Ltd. has a concentration of migrant workers and a large number of truck drivers. With the support, guidance, and assistance of the park's labor union, the company's labor union promptly registered and filed drivers throughout the system. At its peak in 2022, the number of union members reached 764. The park union provides extended services to its members from various aspects such as work and life. The park labor union and Suihua labor union jointly established the Taiyuan Logistics Skills Service Training Base, held multiple training sessions on logistics service engineers, supply chain services, video live marketing, and other related training. They also successfully hosted the first and second logistics service engineer labor skills competitions in Taiyuan City, vigorously improving the vocational skills of employees. 10 warm and comfortable "Love Stations" have emerged, with various fitness and entertainment equipment worth more than 100000 yuan, providing drivers with a playground to relax and unwind. Trade unions do their best to help solve problems related to the driver's parents, spouse's employment, and children's enrollment, which are closely related to their immediate interests, and continuously enhance the sense of gain, happiness, and security of employees.
Embark on a new journey, set sail and ride the east wind. Wang Jie, Chairman of the Labor Union Federation of Yangqu Industrial Park Service Center, said: