Talent Recruitment

Talent Recruitment

The company is dedicated to promote employee career growth and improve their quality of life. In addition to the generous salary, bonus and welfare, the company provides stock incentives to the core technical personnel and management team. The company was officially established in November 2017, and is currently in the process of rapid expansion. We provide the best platform for all talents to achieve their best!

Talent Recruitment

Recruitment Methods

1. Submit your resume at the job fair.

2. Send the resume to the e-mail address of the company’s HR, and the subject of the email is: Name + school + major + applied position.

E-mail: wangdefeng@horizon-js.com

Contact Information

Contact Person: Mr.Wang



Recruitment Information

Open Positions

Job Description


Material Development Engineer

New product development and experimental validation of coating slurry.

Bachelor degree or above in material science, polymer material or related major;
2 years experience in water system and oil system material development.

Coatings Engineer

Compile coating process documents and operation standard;
Coating process analysis, abnormal problem solving and process optimization;
Assist to carry out new product development and related test work.

Bachelor degree or above in material, chemistry or related field.

Basilemma Engineer

Compile basilemma process documents and operating standards;
Analyze the production process of basilemma, solve the abnormal problem and optimize the process;
Carry out new product development and related test work.

Bachelor degree or above in material, polymer material, chemistry or related field;
2 years experience in diaphragm development and process.

Technical Support Engineer

Technical service before and after sale of products;
Investigate industry information, analyze customer needs, and develop technical and business solutions.

Bachelor degree or above in material, polymer material, chemistry or related field;
Experience in lithium battery testing is preferred.

Sales Engineer

Implement market development plan and program, promote the company and product brand;
Sales collection and sales expense control; Implement the regular customer visit plan;
Communicate and coordinate product delivery, technical support and after-sales service and sales information management.

College degree or above, major in science and engineering is preferred;
At least 1 year sales experience in lithium battery industry, lithium battery diaphragm industry is preferred.

Mechanical Engineer

Take charge of the selection, installation, commissioning and acceptance of newly purchased equipment;
Take charge of equipment operation inspection, analysis, renovation, technical improvement, and maintenance operation planning.

College degree or above in mechanical design and automation related major;
Above 5 years experience in mechanical equipment operation, maintenance and transformation.

Electrical engineer

Type selection, installation, commissioning, test run and final acceptance of electrical equipment, and formulate electrical specification requirements related to product manufacturing;
Inspection and analysis of equipment operation, update, technical improvement, and maintenance operation plan.

College degree or above, major in electrical and automation; At least 3 years experience in electrical equipment operation, maintenance and design.

Supplier Quality Engineer

Lead new supplier inspection and certification and supplier project development; Conduct control evaluation of supplier process management and continuous improvement.

College degree or above, major in polymer material science and engineering; SQE working experience more than 3 years, familiar with IATF16949 quality system standard.

System Engineer

Assist to establish and maintain IATF 16949 system;
Maintain the validity and implementation of system documents;
Organize and implement internal audit.

Bachelor degree or above, major in quality management, statistics or related;
Above 3 years system management experience, IATF16949 experience is preferred, familiar with VDA6.3 and VDA6.5 audit requirements.

Process quality Supervisor

Inspect production abnormal situation, organize analysis and countermeasures in time;
Identify quality improvement projects and implement improvement activity plans based on statistical data;
Follow up and verify the changes on site.

Bachelor degree or above, major in material, machinery, electronics, quality management, statistics, etc;
At least 8 years experience in quality management.


Audit the original vouchers and fill out the accounting vouchers according to the system; Participate in the establishment of cost accounting system and daily cost accounting;
Participate in the preparation of financial plans, budgets and final accounts reports; Responsible for daily tax processing, participate in local tax declaration;Participate in tax declaration and the audit of superior departments and accounting firms.

Bachelor degree or above, major in accounting or financial management is preferred;
More than 3 years financial working experience, familiar with SAP system operation.


Assist Coatings Engineer to implement process experiment plan, collate and analyze production data and process data;
To improve the production process and guide, solve and feedback the technical problems in the production process.

College degree, major in material, polymer material or chemical is preferred.

Production Worker

Operate the equipment according to the work instruction, finish the production task on time and with good quality, deal with the problem in time and report to the working procedure chief.

Junior high school degree or above.