The company's main business focuses on the key materials of lithium-ion batteries.


World-class manufacturer of lithium-ion battery separators

Jiangsu Horizon New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on R&D, production and sales of 3~30μm wet-process separators and functionally coated separators, and is committed to providing the best solutions for global lithium-ion battery makers.


Focus on key materials for lithium-ion batteries

The lithium-ion battery industry plays critical role in transportation, clean energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, and high-efficiency energy storage. The company's main business focuses on the most critical material for lithium-ion batteries.

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Horizon is committed to research and manufacturing of functional microporous films for new energy, environmental protection and conservation industry. The microporous base films cover a range of products from 3um up to 30μm. And we also offer functionally coated separators such as high heat resistance ceramic coated separators, high temperature polymer coated separators as well as advanced adhesive coated products.

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Base Films

Coating Products


Provide best quality assurance and strong IP protection

A world-class research and development team led by Ivy League graduates, equipped with state-of-the-art production lines and the most advanced development labs, is dedicated to create the leading expertise in functional microporous membrane products.

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